Restoring your Constitutional Civil Rights

restoring gun rights in Tennessee

One of the most difficult things to deal with after a felony conviction is the way it affects your life. Whether it’s your employment, personal relationships, or your God given Constitutional rights, some part of your life feels lost. You’re different. Changed. Your past does not define you.

There is hope. All is not lost.

Tennessee has a process to restore your rights after you’ve served your time.

If your conviction was either nonviolent or not related to drugs, we can help. We specialize in helping individuals with a felony conviction in their past get all their rights back.

You read that right. ALL your rights. That includes your right to own and possess a firearm.

Basically, if a certain amount of time has passed since you completed your probation or parole you are eligible for this process. It requires filing a petition in circuit court and showing  

satisfactory proof that ever since the judgment of disqualification, the petitioner has sustained the character of a person of honesty, respectability and veracity, and is generally esteemed as such by the petitioner’s neighbors.

Now is the time to stop living with your past. We can help. Contact us today!

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